Dev-in-a-Box is a jQuery plugin designed for Business Catalyst partners who want to build better websites, faster.

It allows you to add the most common JavaScript-based features to your BC sites using simple HTML5 data attributes. Dev-in-a-Box is simple enough for the noobie, yet powerful enough for a developer. It's the ideal plugin for any Business Catalyst site.

Dev-in-a-Box is being integrated into the BC Pie framework and is now FREE! You can currently find Dev-in-a-Box on the BC App Store.

Tricks in the box

Dev-in-a-Box: ActiveNav


ActiveNav makes it easy to create truly dynamic navigation throughout your site. It can be used to produce something as simple as a highlighted menu item when it represents the current page, to side navigation that only shows links related to the current section of your website.

Dev-in-a-Box: Crumbs


Crumbs is a full replacement for the breadcrumbs modules in Business Catalyst. BC’s breadcrumbs modules are inconsistent, require specific placement, and depend on you manually defining them with the sitemap module. Crumbs, on the other hand, are always accurate, can be placed anywhere on your site, and intelligently name your breadcrumbs based on your actual page names. You'll never look back.

Dev-in-a-Box: Date


Date is a powerful way to display custom-formatted date and time information anywhere on your site. It harnesses the functionality of moment.js, while maintaining the simplicity of Dev-in-a-Box.

Dev-in-a-Box: FormMagic


FormMagic takes all the headache out of working with forms in BC. Feel free to get rid of the clutter BC automatically adds to your forms. You can delete the JavaScript and strip your forms down to their skivvies, and rest assured they will work even better than they did before. Enhanced validation and easy Ajax are the hallmarks of this amazing trick.

Dev-in-a-Box: SameAs


For those times when you need to copy one field's value to another, SameAs has your back. It even allows you to setup copy groups, like billing and shipping fields, or do math with the field values. It’s easy syntax simply could not be faster to implement.

Dev-in-a-Box: Secure


Make BC's security features work for your site, not against it. Secure can guide users back to your primary domain after performing a transaction on the worldsecuresystems secure domain. Or it can run a custom script, or even redirect a user out of a secure area, when the system automatically logs them out.

Dev-in-a-Box: Trigger


Trigger gives you the ability to use one element to 'trigger' a behavior on another. For instance, you may want to add or remove a class when a button is clicked.