User-friendly Payment Forms

Learn how Dev-in-a-Box can help you quickly set up a checkout form that requires less work from your users. In this video, we show how to hide and show sections of your form, copy repeating data, and setup a Same As Shipping checkbox.

Build a Better "Create an Account" Form

Dev-in-a-Box can move mountains, but it's in the every-day tasks that it really shines. Here, we create a simple Create an Account form, but instead of using the usual JavaScript hack-ons to improve the user experience, a couple Dev-in-a-Box data attributes quickly finish the job.

Google-Style Live Search

Easily create a Google-style live search with just FormMagic and a search form. As users type in the form field, the results update automatically on the page.

FormMagic Basics

This video explains the basics for using FormMagic without any options. It shows how to add the trick to your form, require fields, and add or modify validation labels.

Entire site navigation with one menu module

ActiveNav makes it very easy to setup your entire site navigation with a single Business Catalyst menu module. No more creating separate templates and menu modules for each section of your website.